After Party Yoga • Now it’s never too late to practice Yoga.

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New Class  •  After Party Yoga

Sundays at 3.30pm 

Yoga BamBam •  CENTRAL • 10 Shin Hing Street

Now it’s never too late to practice Yoga.

www.Yoga • Online Booking • Register as unpaid • Pay your teacher in cash after the class • $150 first time visit with every Yoga BamBam Teacher.

We understand that morning Yoga on the weekends may not be your thing. Yoga BamBam designed a Sunday afternoon Yoga class for Party People, Bar tenders, DJ’s & night owls.

After Party Yoga will get your head back on straight after a fun weekend in Hong Kong.

Of course you don’t have to be hung over to enjoy this Hatha Yoga class that is designed to refresh, restore & balance the ‘work hard play hard’ Hong Kong mentality.

This Detox Yoga class is also good for International travellers who may be jet lagged as it helps to revitalise the body, mind & the spirit.

Yoga BamBam does not have Membership Fees, perfect for International travellers.

Rebecca was born in Chengdu & has lived in the United States and Netherlands.  She has a Bachelor degree in Arts & a Master degree in Business.
She balances  teaching Yoga with a full-time corporate life.  She first came to Yoga to ease her ‘guilty karma’ as she tends to work hard & play hard.
Yoga keeps her on the right track , healthy , happy & guilt free.
Yoga BamBam 10 Shin Hing Central • Hong Kong
Yoga BamBam 28 Pound Lane Sheung Wan • Hong Kong


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