Mana Cafe opens on Pound Lane • Hong Kong

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Yoga BamBam opened on Pound Lane last year & created a cool place to hang out and party. However the vibe on the sleepy tree lined steps of Poho has gone from underground hip to urban retreat with Mana Cafe opening up on the same terrace as the Yoga studio.

 There is actually a lot of green space here, if you stay long enough to be enchanted by the chanting of the birds you may even see squirrels in the trees.  It is quite a unique place in the city. Many of the local hipster  have already plugged in their laptops & have set up their alfresco office at Mana. The typical 30 something crowd can be seen sipping fresh coconuts whilst surfing through the internet, or sat on the Yoga deck reading a borrowed book from Mana. The scene looks more like Ubud than Hong Kong.

Sweet incense burn often simultaneously from the locally owned Vegetarian cafe and the indie Yoga studio.  It actually does not feel like your in Hong Kong. Its almost impossible to believe that this oasis of consciousness is within walking distance  of Central.  Pound Lane is a  hidden gem, with its outdoor fans & its laid back hippy vibe. The food at Mana is fresh, healthy & eco friendly. The  organic roasted coffee mixed with Banana, coconut oil & soya milk is a treat for any urban monkey looking to wash down their home made organic fruit muesli after a well deserved Hatha Yoga class.

For those foodies looking for whole hearted great tasting food the juicy fat fries are as guilt free as you can get whilst remaining temptingly sensational. The 9” pizza-style  flat breads are a dream as is their vegan Macadamia Caramel ice cream.


The music at Mana  takes you back to carefree moments in Bali.  The fiery haired dread locked Co founder of Mana, Bobsy can be seen pottering around  planting his urban herb garden.  Its soothing to watch him  potter around the terrace  sharing his visions of world peace with his tribe of  softly spoken brethren.  The doors of Yoga BamBam are usually wide open , making it an outdoor studio with A/C. Beautiful ladies sport colourful Yoga leggings & gracefully place themselves in breath taking poses all to the amusement of the elderly local residents that have somehow willingly been transported in to an alternate reality, one that resembles Woodstock more than a quiet corner of Sheung Wan.

Mana Cafe 8am-8pm everyday • Pound Lane • Poho • 2347 8555

Yoga BamBam • Open everyday • Pound Lane

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