Om Together for the trees • with Bobsy • Sept 26th

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OM TOGETHER FOR THE TREES • Sit Down & stand up for the trees.

Charity Gathering lead by Bobsy on the Harmonium at Yoga BamBam • 28 Pound Lane Sheung Wan

September 26th 6pm – 7pm • 20 spaces available max


A collective Om to harmonize & synchronize all together as one.
Come and sit with us for a sound meditation of collective Oming.
As we align our vibrations together powerful things unfold and a deep
feeling of bliss & peace washes over us…  Feel it to know it.


All the profits of the event will go towards the trees of Lamma Forest

Bookings at – Press SCHEDULE then EVENTS –

Register as UNPAID then pay $100 at the door in cash.


One thought

  1. Hi, I would like to ask if yoga mats are provided. Also, is there a changing room at the studio? I’ve already signed up for this event.

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