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From designer lingerie to hair products, Hong Kong start-up PopUp Angels offers retailers super short leases to show off.

Hong Kong start-up PopUp Angels is offering a short-term alternative to retailers and landlords with pop-up store rentals as shop vacancies across the city continue to rise.

Launched in November in Hong Kong, the PopUp Angels portal lets retailers, or food and beverage companies, test ideas and reach new markets without committing to a long contract. While demand from potential tenants is high, the city’s landlords are slowly coming round to the idea as their traditional model comes under threat from slumping retails sales.

“Given that the retail market in Hong Kong has been doing so well in the past few years, it takes a while for the landlords to realise the golden age has passed and it’s time to find different ways to maximise the use of their vacant spaces,” said Kit Chan, director of PopUp Angels.

Real Estate Agency Sheraton Valuers predicted the vacancy rate for ground floor stores in Causeway Bay to reach one in 10 in the wake of the recently ended Lunar New Year holiday. Retail sales recorded a year-on-year decrease of 3.7 per cent in 2015, hitting the lowest level since 2002, pushing many retailers to close stores.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 February, 2016, 8:10pm South China Morning Post.

Yoga BamBam  Pop Up Shop  10 Shin Hing Street Street Central  Yoga BamBam 28 Pound Lane Sheung Wan Hong Kong. 


Kids playing at Yoga BamBam Pop Up Shop X Pop Up Angels with the brand  AirBlanc.

由內衣設計至頭髮產品,香港start up PopUp Angels 提供零售商户短暫租期展銷產品。

現時香港店舖空置持續增多,香港start-up PopUp Angels 提供另類選擇給零售業及業主短期的店舖出租。

在十一月香港推出,PopUp Angels 的門戶讓零售商或飲食業公司,測試市場反應而不需要簽很長的合同都可進入市場。


「由於香港的零售市場在過去幾年都表現理想,業主需要一段時間去發覺黃金時期已經過去,是時候去找別的方法去擴展空間用途。」陳傑說-PopUp Angels 經理。


Start Up是旨在給公司測試新方案,或在線零售商想要在短期內提高品牌的知名度。「PopUp Angels 提供的租賃是任何時期,由一日長達一年。」陳傑說。租金範圍由租用中環375平方尺的空間為港幣 $ 3,000(美元$ 386)一日,至租用西區兩層單位一個星期港幣$ 25,000。

PopUp Angels也能夠把潛在租戶聯繫承包商和幫助他們通過任何授權問題。PopUp Angels 於今年9月在新加坡推出,大部分空置物業是在商場,據陳先生說-負責獅城的運作人。

Yoga BamBam的業主- Melanie B,租賃了中環的一間舖。通過PopUp Angels 出租了瑜伽室樓上的375平方尺的空間,以幫助成本和帶來一定的創造性。

位於PMQ以下,前身是畫廊 – 設計雲集於前已婚警察宿舍的底層 – 以Pop Up 形式裝修並作為目標去放租,包括了卡付的網絡連接,一個堅固的地板和燈光,適合展示藝術品。





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