Yoga BamBam welcomes Bertina


Bertina was schooled in Hong Kong & in Canada. She believes that Yoga amplifies the light that is within us all. She works within Hong Kong’s banking world & knows all too well how ones luminosity can subconsciously be neglected in such a fast paced city. She hopes that her teaching will inspire her students to be engaged in the present moment & that ultimately that they will be able to shine their light on those around them.

Bertina’s Class

Flow Yoga

Thursdays 8.30pm- 9.30pm

Yoga BamBam 28 Pound Lane Sheung Wan


Loosen up after your work day, let go of all that no longer serves you. Recharge your energy levels & go with the flow.  Vinyasa in Sanskrit loosely translates to flow in English. As a Vinyasa based practice, this class takes you through fun and creative sequences. All Level are welcome, all levels will be guided & encouraged to shine their light a little brighter & leave a little lighter.

Yoga BamBam  • No Membership • No Sales Staff
Just Yoga in  Chic Boutique studios.

1st Class with each YBB Teacher $150
Regular Drop- in price 200$
4 Class course $700 – valid for 5 weeks
8 class course $1200 – valid for 10 weeks
12 class course $1600 – valid 12 weeks
All payments in Cash Only.  Register online as unpaid – then pay your teacher in cash after class.
Privates & Semi Private sessions contact

Yoga BamBam 10 Shin Hing Street Central

Yoga BamBam 28 Pound Lane  Sheung Wan Hong Kong.





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